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I have run into a number of different problems within the first few minutes of installing - not the least of which was - 3 debugging errors & requesting that I either continue or quit (not a good start for 2012. I had a rather large glitch, in that, when I went to the screen to "show all" - the program showed "none" - if you drifted the mouse over the space where the program list showed be shown - small pop-up boxes would appear with the names of the programs - but that was as far as that went - I do not know if it had to do with the "over 525" programs I have installed & (might I add) working on my computer. The GUI is a little dis-jointed for the work place, but I really like the idea of a WORD menu rather than just icons. I hope this problem has a fix & that it is offered to us, because I really liked a lot of the extra little side programs it looks like it offers, but - I don't dare go much further with this & try a registry backup - because it might be invisible too. Thank you & Happy New Year (OS: Win7 32bit Ultimate, 4Gb Ram, 17TB Hard Drive, 3.7GHz Intel)

Thomas Roberts , 01.01.2012, 15:42
Idea status: under consideration


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